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LI WEI - High Place

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Jusqu'au 26 Avril 2014

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Pierre-Loup Auger3

until May 31 2012 - Paris

"An 18-year old artist from La Rochelle in France, Pierre-Loup Auger first got involved in figuration libre (free figuration, a French art movement from the 1980s) when he was but a little boy. With a passion for symbolism, his drawing is an outlet that favors spontaneity and sensitivity (he never uses any drafts). He's inspired by the aesthetics evoked by his surroundings and gives meaning to his work without ever forcing a message onto the viewer. His world, deliciously punctuated by stories and anecdotes, is full of dreams and escapism. He first garnered public attention during the Angoulême International Comics Festival in January 2011 when he hung one of his works on the façade of a building. Pierre-Loup Auger continuously surprises us with his audacity and delirious - occasionally caustic - imagination."... Find out more below!



par Roman de Lucovich, le 06 Mai 2012


ROSSON CROW - Reconstruction



Art District / Le Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris

12 Mars / 26 Avril 2014

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